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Spain Park High School Students Shine at 2023 "beEntrepreneurial" Competition

SPHS Engineering Academy Awards photo

The Spain Park High School (SPHS) Engineering Academy announced the remarkable achievements of its students in the 2023 beEntrepreneurial (beE) competition at The University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH). Demonstrating exemplary innovation and creativity, SPHS teams secured significant accolades in this prestigious event.

Earning second place in the competition was the visionary project "Wheelchairs for Everyone," spearheaded by Emma Gregory and Hannah Halsell. The project entails the design of a wheelchair prototype accompanied by straightforward instructions, enabling volunteer

groups to construct wheelchairs using affordable materials like PVC pipes. These wheelchairs aim to serve communities in third-world countries and impoverished areas of the United States.

Additionally, SPHS celebrates the commendable achievement of Audrey Peacock and Sam Lin, who clinched third place with their groundbreaking project "TakBot." Tasked with devising a safe method for an SPHS Spanish teacher to conduct pinata smashing parties, Audrey and Sam developed a rig that suspends the pinata from the ceiling, controlled remotely by the teacher.

Elizabeth Browne, SPHS engineering teacher and Engineering Academy director, expressed immense pride in the senior class of engineering students.

Browne said, "I'm so proud of our Senior class of engineering students for their dedication and hard work in the classroom, but especially proud of Emma, Hannah, Audrey, and Sam for how well they did in the beE Competition! They found out they were finalists two days before their Shark Tank-style pitch and worked so hard to prepare in the little time they had. All of these students have work ethics, presentation skills, and engineering talents that surpass what you expect to see from high school students. Their leadership and talents will truly be missed next year when they're off to college!" 

beE, presented by the Invention to Innovation Center (I2C) at UAH, is a platform for inspiring young entrepreneurs to conceptualize, collaborate, and actualize innovative ideas.

District leaders commend Emma Gregory, Hannah Halsell, Audrey Peacock, and Sam Lin for their outstanding achievements. Their success underscores SPHS's commitment to nurturing a culture of innovation, creativity, and excellence among its students.