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Celebrating Black History Month in Hoover City Schools!

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Happy Black History Month! Throughout February, we're thrilled to honor the rich heritage, remarkable achievements, and inspiring stories of Black individuals that shape our nation's history. 

Black History Month serves as a powerful reminder to embrace diversity, foster inclusion, and deepen our understanding of the struggles and triumphs experienced by Black communities. Together, we honor the legacies of Black leaders who have paved the way for progress in civil and human rights. 

In the Hoover City Schools District (HCS), we're dedicated to promoting educational equity and creating an inclusive environment for all students every day of the year. Since the winter of 2019, HCS has had active District Equity and Parent Equity Committees and Student Diversity Committees.  HCS engages in diversity and equity practices, which are in action in our schools, but there’s still progress to be made. 

HCS remains committed to supporting our diverse population of students, improving the diversity of teachers in the classroom, and providing resources to our teachers and staff to ensure all students learn and achieve academic success. 

We’re excited about the fantastic lineup of engaging activities, events, and programs that highlight the incredible contributions of African Americans throughout history! Here's what's in store in our schools:

  • Black history programs and events
  • Highlighting contributions of notable past and present African Americans
  • Famous African American book reports/research
  • Studying and creating art inspired by African American artists
  • Timelines of famous African Americans (biographies)
  • Student and teacher read-alouds featuring notable African Americans
  • 5th-grade Black History Month writing project and publishing party 
  • Highlighting famous athletes and their sports in PE classes
  • Black History Month assemblies and displays
  • Black History Month Celebration Media Contest…AND MUCH MORE!!

Let's celebrate diversity, honor history, and continue striving for a brighter, more equitable future!