• 2023-2024 District Equity Committee

    The District Equity Committee reviews and analyzes data and uses data findings to drive educational initiatives and professional development for teachers and/or students.

    Kevin Maddox -Central Office


    Chris Robbins - Central Office


    Terry Lamar - Central Office


    Donna Smiley - Central Office


    Jennifer Garza - Central Office


    Kerry Pate-Davison -Central Office


    Kristi Williams - Central Office


    Kelli Lane - Central Office


    Sherea Harris-Turner - Central Office



    Melissa Hadder - Berry Middle


    Shonteria Culpepper - Berry Middle


    Ericka Leonard - Berry Middle 


    Jovanda Stonewall- Bluff Park Elementary


    DeDe Shipp - Bluff Park Elementary


    Cari Wilson - Bluff Park Elementary


    Steve Williams - Brock's Gap Intermediate


    Emily Dunleavy - Brock's Gap Intermediate


    Jeff Singer - Crossroads


    Kimberly Fain - Deer Valley Elementary


    Nicole Stokes - Deer Valley Elementary


    Alexcis Keenan - Green Valley Elementary


    Sherita Williams - Greystone Elementary 


    Kristen Belcher -  Greystone Elementary 


    Erica Russell - Gwin Elementary


    Kelley Feagin - Gwin Elementary


    Kimberly White -Gwin Elementary


    Cederic Buchannon- Hoover High


    Carl Floyd- Hoover High


    Reed Lochamy - Hoover High


    Becca Mercer - Hoover High 


    Mary Johnson - Hoover High


    Sean Colosimo - R. F. Bumpus Middle


    Terri Coleman - Riverchase Career Connection Center


    Alice Turney - Riverchase Elementary


    Natalie Conwell - Riverchase Elementary


    Catherine Sanford - Rocky Ridge Elementary


    Lyndsay Abrams - Rocky Ridge Elementary


    Dil Uswatte - Rocky Ridge Elementary


    Al Dixon - Shades Mountain Elementary


    Elizabeth Lochamy - Shades Mountain Elementary


    Kevin Erwin - Shades Mountain Elementary


    Aldric Bennett - Simmons Middle


    Walter Womack- Simmons Middle 


    Erika Berryhill - Simmons Middle 


    Kara Scholl - South Shades Crest Elementary


    Jennifer Johnson - Spain Park High


    Rebecca Suarez - Spain Park High


    Rick Stamper - Spain Park High


    Eddie Cunningham - Spain Park High


    Mariah Alfano -Trace Crossings Elementary