New Student Enrollment


    Welcome! If you have an incoming new student who is zoned to Bluff Park Elementary for the 2020-2021 School Year, please complete our New Student Pre-Registration Form by clicking here. You will also need to send Required Enrollment Documents and submit Online Registration to complete the Enrollment/Registration process. When completing the pre-registration form, be prepared to answer the following information:


    • Student's Full Name as appearing on the birth certificate
    • Student's Date of Birth
    • Student's Gender
    • Student's Grade they are enrolling in
    • Student´s Immunization Expiration Date
    • Student's Address
    • Guardian(s) contact information
    • First & Last Name as on Government Issued Photo ID
    • Email Address
    • Address (if different than Student's)


    After completing the form, you will need to immediately send a pdf or image of the Required Enrollment Documents to the Registrar at mfrier@hoover.k12.al.us for the Pre-Registration Information to be entered.




    • Copy of Student's Birth Certificate
    • State of Alabama ImmPrint Immunization Record
    • Government Issued Photo ID (Parent/Guardian)
    • Proof of Residency (Current Lease or Recorded Warranty Deed in Parent/Guardian Name; must contact HCS Student Services if not in your name)
    • Lease needs to have leaseholder name, address, terms, and signature page
    • Current Utility Bill in Parent/Guardian Name (Power, Gas or Water)
    • Bill needs to have the customer name, service address, and billing period with no disconnect notice
    • Custody, Adoption Papers or Marriage Certificate, if applicable.
    • If no custody papers exist, complete and return this form for Absence of Custody.



    After the pre-registration information has been entered, you will receive an email within 24-48 hours with instructions/link per child on completing the 2020-2021 Hoover Registration online process. As a new student, you will be asked to upload the required enrollment documents when completing online registration. You will be able to submit without uploading since you have already provided these documents, however, you can voluntarily upload students' Social Security Card securely here


    Please contact Marjee Frier at 205-439-2820 or mfrier@hoover.k12.al.us for any questions.