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    In 1990, the state of Alabama mandated that a developmental School Guidance and Counseling program be a part of the curriculum for all elementary school students. I want to introduce myself for those who may not know me… my name is Kristin Amos-White and I am the School Counselor here at Greystone Elementary School. I am approaching my 6th year here, and I am excited about our students!

    During the school year, I will be presenting lessons to each class every week. Lessons will align with the ASCA National Standards and will fall into areas of personal and social development, educational development, and vocational development. In addition to the classroom guidance lessons, the Counseling program provides opportunities for small group counseling. I will be conducting small group counseling in areas of concern such as supporting children in times of loss, coping with divorce, developing friendships, and other important topics. I will also be available to the students for individual counseling. If you are interested in referring your student for individual (short-term) counseling, please contact me via email and/or telephone. You may also contact your student’s teacher and ask them to do a counseling referral. Participation in small groups and individual counseling will be limited due to the time constraints of class schedules.

     Greystone Elementary School recognizes community service as an important part of our children’s awareness of others and the needs around them. At Greystone, "doing something kind for someone who is not in your family and doing it for free" is acknowledged as community service. Every child who completes a service project and turns in a form signed by his or her parent will be recognized. Our purpose in recognizing students for their service is to motivate and inspire other students to get involved and make a difference. Community Service forms are available outside of the Guidance classroom and in the following link:

    Community Service Forms

     If you have any questions about our Guidance and Counseling program, or if there is anything I can do to help make this school year a productive one for your child, please feel free to call me at 205-439-3222 or email me using the link above. 


Last Modified on December 17, 2019