• Our school system seeks to serve students beyond their curricular needs.  Our leaders find ways to celebrate our diversity and create unity.  Among our 14,000 students, some 50+languages are spoken.  Celebration and engagement of this diversity happens in a number of ways, ranging from research-based practices to focus groups.  Conversations and understanding sit at the heart of all we do.

    Hoover City Schools' Director of Equity and Educational Initiatives, Dr. Terry Lamar, works to ensure that student voices are heard and administrators engage in sound diversity and equity practices.  In recent years, consider some of the district's efforts: 

    • district-wide diversity and equity training
    • formation of District Equity Committee
    • student focus group research
    • formation of Parent Equity Committee
    • Whole Board (of Education) Training centered on diversity and equity 
    • partnerships with local, state, and national organizations (e.g., The Elam Leadership Institute)

    The aforementioned partnerships also include local colleges and universities.  The District Equity Committee/district leadership engage in collaborative training with professors, trainers, and diversity/equity experts.