• 2019-2020 RF Bumpus Middle School PTO Executive Officers
    President: Josie Kurz
    President-Elect: Cyndi Hodges
    Fundraising Chair: Jill Hunter
    Assistant Fundraisers: Ashley Sutterlin, Shannon Trotter & Katie Holland
    Volunteer Coordinators: Wade Morgan & Brandy Hathcock
    Communications: Cathy Guerard 
    Treasurer: Amy Matheson
    Incumbent Treasurer: Tiffany Jenkins
    Hospitality Director: Susan Moll
    Assistants to Hospitality Director: Rebecca Sparks & Amy Hubbard
    Events Director: Hillary Wilkerson
    Assistant to Events Director: Julie Garrett
    Recording Secretary:  Dawn Blake
    Parliamentarian:  Debbie Evans 
    Contact us at: bumpuspto@hcs-students.net
Last Modified on January 27, 2020