Greystone Ambassadors

  • Sponsors: Dr. Stocks and Mrs. S Williams

    For more information on this club, please contact the sponsor at 439-3200. 

    Greystone Elementary School Ambassadors are a small club of fifth grade students that serve as hosts for our school, as well as serve in a variety of leadership roles which could include community service, tutoring, and mentoring students.  The students selected as Greystone Ambassadors will conduct tours of our school with visitors and new Greystone families. They will also be available to serve as hosts during special events at Greystone. Click on the link below to learn more about the application process for 2019-2020.

    Greystone Ambassadors Information and Application 2019-2020


    2019-2020 Greystone Ambassadors

    Harris B.
    Elijah B.
    Avery B.
    Grayson C.
    Alyssa C.
    Madeline G.
    Hope H.
    Nic H.
    Holly H.
    Francesca I.
    Madeline J.
    Mason M.
    Maggie P.
    Olivia T.
    Stella W.