• Hoover HS Math Team in front of world famous Welcome to Las Vegas sign
    Math team is a competitive group that studies and applies mathematics to rigorous tests and competitions across the country throughout the school year. The math teams practice during the week and after school looking at different problem-solving techniques as well as mathematics beyond the scope of the standard mathematics curriculum. 
    The Math Team is made up of three different grade levels:  Geometry, Algebra 2 and Comprehensive.  Members compete at the national level by participating in school tests throughout the year.  The Math Team courses cover many additional topics not usually addressed in a high school course and introduce higher-level number theory topics. The courses are designed to prepare students to compete at math tournaments which include written tests and timed ciphering.  There is an additional GPA increase when taking math team courses.  
    Please consider the following criteria for Math Team Success:

     - Commit to 3 to 9 Saturday tournaments starting in November
     - Grasp mathematical topics rapidly (1st or 2nd time the teacher explains it)
     - Willing to try a "different" way to solve a problem
     - Intuitive in math (can get the answer and be able to explain it)
    Math team is a great place for students that excel at mathematics. If a student is interested, they can speak to their math teacher to get more information or contact Mr. Rushano. Anyone interested in our annual math tournament can find it on our blog spot at http://hoovermathtournament.blogspot.com/ 
    Math team students posing on rocks in desert setting
    Math team in Colorado
Last Modified on December 12, 2020