Helpful Hints


    SCHOOL HOURS: We will be open at 7:00AM for children to arrive and be supervised. Breakfast is served beginning at 7:20AM. Please arrive by 7:50AM to allow children adequate time to get to their classes, get seated and begin the school day at 8:00AM when the tardy bell rings. Any student arriving at 8:00AM or after, MUST have a parent sign them in at the front office to obtain a tardy slip. Dismissal is at 3:00PM.

    ATTENDANCE: If your child is absent, you will receive a call from our automated attendance system to let you know your child was marked absent. Please provide a doctor’s excuse or a written parent excuse within 3 days of the absence even if you notified your child’s teacher by email. If a doctor’s excuse or written parent excuse is not received within 3 days of the absence, it will be considered an unexcused absence.

    TARDIES: Being tardy to school or class greatly affects student success and routine. Please try to have your child at school on time each day. Excessive tardies will be handled through Administration.

    CHECK-OUTS: No check-outs will be allowed after 2:30PM since we are preparing for dismissal. Please plan accordingly to allow our staff to safely focus on the students during this time. An unexcused checkout will be considered a tardy.

    ANTICIPATED ABSENCE: If you know your child is going to be absent for a reason other than a normally excused absence (i.e., a family trip), an Anticipated Absence may be filled out to request these days be marked as excused. This form is available in our front office or on the school’s website under School Forms. It will need to be filled out by parents and given to the school office at least three (3) days in advance of the absence. A Letter of Educational Value is required for these days to be considered. The principal will evaluate the request and make a final determination regarding the absence. Attendance record, grades and length of time away from school are determining factors in this decision. If you have any questions concerning attendance, please contact Mia Baker at 205.439.1600.

    CARPOOL: All BGIS students in the 3rd & 4th grade will be issued a Brock’s Gap Carpool Tag. A BG issued carpool tag should be visible on your rear view mirror when picking up your 3rd or 4th grade student. If you do not have the BGIS carpool tag, you must park your car and enter the building with a government issued photo identification to checkout your child or get a new carpool tag. Anyone picking up a student must be on the approved checkout list. 5th graders do not require a carpool tag. All carpool riders must be picked up no later than 3:20PM.

    CHANGE OF TRANSPORTATION: Any changes in transportation from a child’s primary means MUST be sent in writing to the front office or classroom teacher. Parents must use the Change of Transportation Form to submit notification of this change. If the child normally goes to YMCA After School Care on the BG campus, please let them know if there are changes as well. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to notify any childcare organization of changes.

    COMMUNICATION: Teachers are always willing to talk with you about your child, but please schedule a conference so that no teaching time is taken away from the children. The best way to notify of this need is to send an email to your child’s teacher. Classes are not allowed to have parent visitors without setting this up with the teacher prior to the visit. Please refrain from popping in for a quick talk with the teacher as they are not to be pulled from their class for impromptu conferences. If there is an emergency, please call the front office and they will be happy to help pass along any message to the teacher or counselor.

    MEDICATION: If your child needs to take any medication during the school hours, the School Medication Authorization Form must be completed. This form is available in our front office or on the school’s website under School Forms. All medication should be in the original container with the child’s name clearly visible and also delivered by the parent to our School Nurse. If you have any questions, please contact Nurse Tyra Walker at 205.439.1630.

    SCHOOL VISITORS: We will have opportunities from time to time to invite parents to visit presentations and programs related to our students’ learning and work. We encourage you to visit at those times. Please help us maintain the safety of our school during these visits. Always check in the front office for visits. This is the only access point for visitors to our campus. The first time you visit our campus each year you will have to bring a government issued ID and have it scanned into our Raptor System. One of our office staff members will help you with this. After your first visit you will be saved in our system and a badge can be easily printed from our computer kiosk in the front office. This printed badge or colored visitor sticker must be worn at all times while on our campus. Please understand that this is for the safety of everyone on our campus. If you notice a visitor to BG without one of these badges, please notify a staff member or the front office immediately.

    LUNCH DATES: We really enjoy and encourage parents to join their child for lunch. If you are bringing more than one visitor for lunch please notify our cafeteria manager so we can ensure we have enough food prepared. We also ask that you stop by and sign in the front office of the school before your visit. Each member visiting will follow the same procedures as listed under “School Visitors.”

    CONTACT INFORMATION: All notifications from our school and district are sent from the information in our system. If you have any changes (i.e., new phone number, email address, divorce/custody, residency), please be sure you give those to our school registrar for updating in the system. Our School Registrar is Ashley Kilgore and she can be reached at 205.439.1615.

    WALKERS: We have a few students who live in the neighborhood who walk to and from school. Walkers are encouraged to not enter onto campus before 7:30AM and to enter on the traffic exit side of the building as this is where we will have a HCS Crossing Guard stationed. They will assist as you use the sidewalk to walk onto campus. She also escorts walkers off of campus in the afternoons. We have walkers every day except when it is lightning or weather conditions determine that it would be too dangerous to walk home. Walkers must stay on the sidewalk and crossing areas until they reach their home.  

    SEVERE WEATHER INFORMATION: When we have a severe weather event in our area that may cause a school delay or closing, you will receive a phone call from our School Blackboard Notification System giving you those details. Please make sure to let us know if your phone numbers change so we can update these in our system.

    If you watch for information regarding a delay or closing on TV or internet weather reports, please look for Hoover City Schools. Even though our students live in Jefferson or Shelby Counties, our school is a Hoover City School. Delays and closings for Jefferson or Shelby County Schools do not apply to us.

    In addition, if our schools close early due to severe weather, students will follow their usual transportation plan. All school activities will be cancelled (i.e., chess club, Lego robotics, etc.). The Hoover City Schools YMCA After School Care (YMCA ASC) will also be closed. ASC, Walkers and private daycare students will be dismissed to carpool. All carpool riders MUST have a BGIS issued carpool tag.

    *It is the parent’s responsibility to contact the private daycare to determine if the daycare will pick up during a Hoover City Schools Emergency Dismissal.


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