• Student Council

    The purpose of the Gwin Elementary Student Council is to develop attitudes and practices of good citizenship and community service, to encourage student participation at school activities, and to develop leadership skills in students.

    The Gwin Student Council will be composed of students in grades three through five who have been elected by their peers to be officers or classroom representatives. Student council members MUST complete 3 hours of community service by the end of the school year.


    2019-2020 Gwin Elementary Student Council

    President – Hudson Jackman (Berryhill) 

    5th Grade Vice President – William Cole (Berryhill)

    Secretary –Terrance Woods (Clark)

    Historian – Claire Michael Davis (Berryhill)

    4th Grade Vice-President – Trevor Lee (Fenderson)


    Classroom Representatives

    3rd Grade

     Davidson - Kelvin Rice

    House - Kiera Willoughby

    Lynch - Michael Mills

    Thompson - MJ Pennington

    Woodall - Ellen Thompson

    4th Grade

     Cater - Letty Aldridge

    Fenderson - Chase Hollingshead

    Lester - Knox Thomas

    Ford - Kayla Eans

    Rapp - Adah Hawkins

    5th Grade

     Bekken - Emma Grace Allen

    Berryhill - Reese White

    Clark - Hannah Hwangpo

    Dark - Brooklyn Mays

    Woody - Luke Monson

  • Contact
    For more information about Student Council, please contact Wendy Anderson, Madeline Bekken, or Ashlee Myers at (205) 439-2600.

Last Modified on February 4, 2020