• (205) 439-1420  Fax (205) 439-1568  Email sphsattendance@hoover.k12.al.us


    -When checking a student out, please be sure to include a parent/guardian signature in the email.  The email must come from the parent/guardian, not the student.

    -We will call students for check-outs only between classes.  Please become familiar with the bell schedule.

    -Please email using this email address whenever you have any questions, concerns, or excuse notes that need to be addressed.

    -When sending an email/fax (439-1568) note to check-out your student, please allow for up to an hour for this to occur (Example - if your child needs to check out at 1:00 PM, please have the note to the attendance desk by 12:00).

    -All notes for checking a student out, whether email, fax or written, MUST include a parent/guardian signature.  Students will not be allowed to leave unless a signature is received by the attendance secretary/staff.

    -Students may have 9 parent notes to excuse full-day absences FOR THE ENTIRE YEAR.  The excuse must be an actual excused reason highlighted in the HCS Code of Conduct.

    -Saturday School to recover grades must be completed within the same 9-weeks grading period as the absence which is affecting the grade.  Students need to communicate with the attendance secretary to sign up for Saturday School. This needs to be utilized when students have an unexcused absence (or check-in/out) that has resulted in a 0 on an assignment.

    -Emails must go directly from the parents to the sphsattendance email.  Students cannot forward emails or show emails to the front office.

    -During exams, parent notes must be verified by an administrator.  

    -Process for unexcused check-ins to school (AKA tardies to school):

    At 8:15 on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday (and 9:05 on Wednesday), teachers will shut and lock their doors.  Anyone NOT in the classroom at that time will be required to check in at the attendance desk. Consequences for unexcused check-ins are as follows (# of unexcused check-ins are counted each semester, not for the entire year):

    1. 4 unexcused check-ins = 1 day of Saturday School
    2. 8 unexcused check-ins = 1 day of ISS
    3. 12 unexcused check-ins = 3 days of ISS
    4. 16 unexcused check-ins = 1 week of ISS

    Parents, we need your help with reducing the number of unexcused check-ins.  Please work with your student(s) to ensure that they are arriving to school on time.  In order to excuse a check-in, the students must bring a note (with a qualifying reason) with them when they check in at the attendance desk.

    -Occasionally, we make the decision to hold attendance due to wrecks, construction, extreme traffic, etc.  We do this based on information from Hoover PD/FD.

    -Pre-arranged absences - download the Anticipated Absence Form or pick up in the front office.  Students MUST complete this form for absences (full-day or partial-day) for any absence that would not normally be excused - i.e. weddings, out of town, club sports, religious holidays etc.  These forms must be submitted to the front office at least 3 days prior to the absence. This includes college visits as well. Pre-arranged absences will count in the 9 parent notes allowed for the year.  Once the parent note limit (9 per school year) has been met, pre-arranged Absences will not be approved by the administration.

    -Students will be allowed 1 excused DMV absence and 1 excused Passport absence for the entire school year, as needed.  These absences will NOT be counted in the 9 parent note total.

    -For questions regarding attendance, please start by contacting our attendance secretary, Mrs. Jennifer Hutchinson at sphsattendance@hoover.k12.al.us or 439-1420.  The administrator responsible for handling attendance matters is Mr. Josh Britnell - 439-1412.