• Sponsors: Maria Beard and Kim Blackenburg
    For more information on this club, please contact the sponsors through email.

    The Girls Engaged in Math and Science (GEMS) Club at Greystone Elementary is a small club of 8 girls in fourth grade and 8 girls in fifth grade.  These groups of girls are selected through an application process each December.  The girls meet weekly in the sponsors' classrooms beginning in December.  GEMS is a state-wide educational program designed to actively involve girls in STEM related activities through formal and informal learning environments.   Through this club, the girls will work with the sponsors to determine a common STEM interest, research this topic through math and science investigations, and create a project centered around this topic. Please contact the sponsors for more information.

    2021-2022 4th Grade GEMS Information Letter

    2021-2022 4th Grade GEMS Application

    2021-2022 5th Grade GEMS Information Letter

    2021-2022 5th Grade GEMS Application

    GEMS Applications are due on Monday, December 6, 2021 by 8:00 am in Mrs. Beard's or Mrs. Blackenburg's box outside our classrooms. 

    We are thankful for the many 4th and 5th grade girls who applied for GEMS this year!  It is exciting to see so many girls interested in science and math and willing to take on new challenges. Each team is limited to 8 girls by state GEMS guidelines.  If you did not make the team this year, I encourage you to apply again next year.  The GEMS club is also available at Berry Middle School. 

    4th Grade GEMS Team:

    Emma Kate M. 

    Mrudula R.

    Kadence B.

    Brooklyn M.

    Ally R.

    Ella L.

    Gaby D.

    Eloise H. 


    5th Grade GEMS Team:

    Emily W. 

    Reese R. 

    Caroline H. 

    Haleigh M.

    Saanvi K.

    Brinn P.

    Millie S. 

    Victoria G.


    Parents, I encourage you to seek out other science and math opportunities in the community as well.  If I hear of any coding, engineering, or math challenges that might benefit students from our school, I will do my best to share them with teachers or on Greystone News.  In addition to this, 5th graders have the opportunity to apply for the robotics club in the second semester each year.

GEMS group presents their final project at the Hoover GEMS Expo in February 2018