Jag Fit & Run Club

  • Sponsor: Leta Hoit

    For more information on this club, please contact the sponsor at 439-3200. 

    The goal of the Jag Fit & Run Club is to get children more active through running and regular fitness activities.  The Jag Fit & Run Club is for all students in grades 3-5. It is a dedicated school year long program. A t-shirt is offered for purchase, but it is not required. Students do not need to register for this activity. Meeting days are Monday and Wednesday mornings at 7:10 a.m. Runners are dismissed at 7:40 to freshen up/change clothes before going to class. 


    Jag Running Club Begins on August 28, 2019!
    **Attendance will be recorded.

    Happy Running!

Fourth grade members of the Jag Fit and Run Club participate in the Kids Mercedes Marathon 2018