New Hire Information


    Background Clearance
    If you are offered a position at Hoover City Schools, you must complete a background clearance check through Gemalto Systems.  This background check must be completed before a person can begin employment and the cost is approximately $48.    

    • After going to the Gemalto site, click on the State of Alabama
    • Click on the Department of Education
    • For In-State applicantsGo to REGISTRATION and follow the directions under REGISTRATION PROCEDURES.  Complete the registration form and print site locations for locations, hours, and needed documents.
    • For out-of-state applicants: Go to GENERAL INFORMATION and click on Fingerprint Cards out of state only and follow the directions. 
    • The Gemalto website can be found by clicking here. 

    If you are a certified teacher, your background clearance has already been completed through the certification process and there is no need to complete this process again.


    New Hire Paperwork
    After your background clearance is verified and your start date has been arranged with your supervisor or administrator, you will receive a welcome email from Hoover City Schools.  This email will have a digital link to our digital onboarding system which is called TalentEd.   The welcome email will be sent to the email address provided on your application.  

    TalentEd will provide you with a series of tasks to complete such as federal and state tax forms, direct deposit directions, Everify, work verification directions, and other relevant new hire forms.  You will receive notices about proper identification needed for employment and the E-verify process.  

     Here is a link to the Hoover City Schools Talent Ed webpage:

     Hoover City Schools TalentED webpage.


    Employee Badges
    All full-time employees will receive an employee badge.  Please contact the HCS Central Office at 205-439-1000 to arrange an appointment to receive an employee badge.  You will not be eligible to receive an employee badge until after all of your new hire documents have been submitted.  


    Insurance and Benefits
    Insurance and benefit elections should be completed within 30 days of your official start date.  Contact the HCS Payroll and Benefits Department at 205-439-1000 for additional information.  


    For additional questions, please contact a representative from the Human Resources or Payroll & Benefits Departments at 205-439-1000. 

    In accordance with Hoover City Schools Board of Education policy, no hiring decision is official, final, or effective unless and until it is approved by a vote of the School Board (Reference BOE Policy 5.2.3)