• Check out the Annual Wellness Progress Report and the Procedure Handbook for the District Wellness Policy.  Our district is committed to Wellness! 

    The Annual Wellness Progress Reports provide you with highlights of the health/wellness activities in which each of our campuses participate.  These events include -but are not limited to - health fairs, fun runs, farm field trips, walk-to-school days, and/or any grants promoting healthy school environments. These activities align with the goals set forth within our District Wellness Policy.

    The Health Education Resources presentation was originally created for the Child Nutrition Department.  However, it only made sense to share this wealth of information with everyone. Health education spans all areas of the curriculum.

    HCS CNP exists to support our schools' growing demands for health education and to comply with federal requirements for wellness policies.  We consider our cafeterias "learning laboratories" and hope that your child learns more about nutrition from visiting them.  

    If you have any questions about the District Wellness Policy or are interested in joining the committee, please contact CNP Director Melinda Bonner at mbonner@hoover.k12.al.us