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From WBRC/John Huddleston - March 17, 2017

The Hoover City School system, along with other parties in the case, submitted their request for final approval of the district's rezoning plan.

The plan was approved last May on a preliminary basis but, the judge wanted to know more about how the plan would be impacted by Hoover's continuing desegregation efforts.

"Today is a very important day in the life of this school system," said Superintendent Kathy Murphy.

Murphy says the plan is still to implement rezoning for the 2017-2018 school year. However, the final decision and timeline rests with the judge.

"I want to remain and am optimistic that it is a possibility that this will take place in the fall. Hopefully, we will know in due time and I would like to say short order while at the same time I say we respect the time the court needs for the review," said Murphy.

Since the time it was part of the Jefferson County School System, Hoover schools have been under a federal desegregation order. That is why things like rezoning have to be approved by the judge in the first place.

The goal of the court, and the school system, is to achieve what's known as "unitary status."  Essentially, that is where the order is lifted because there is enough hard evidence that it's no longer needed.

"It is my great desire to see unitary status occur in this school district in at least the next three years," said Murphy.

The plaintiffs in the case, the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, and the Department of Justice have all said they are on board with the rezoning. 

See more from WBRC here: http://www.wbrc.com/story/34942394/hoover-school-district-asks-for-final-approval-of-rezoning-plan 

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