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2017 Black History Proclamation

13-Feb-2017 (HCS) - At its February Regular Meeting, the Hoover Board of Education made a number of proclamations, starting with Black History Month.

Superintendent Dr. Kathy Murphy read the proclamation (PDF found on this page), which in part, reads: 

Whereas, in 1976, as part of the nation’s bicentennial, Black History Week was expanded and became established as Black History Month, and is now celebrated across North America; and 

Whereas, Black History Month affords special opportunity to become more knowledgeable about black heritage, and to honor the many black leaders who have contributed to the progress of our nation; and 

Whereas, such knowledge can strengthen the insight of all our citizens regarding the issues of civil and human rights; and

Whereas, Black History Month calls our Nation’s attention to the continued need to build a society that lives up to its democratic ideals;

 For the full text, please see the official proclamation (PDF) on this page. 

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