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14-Feb-2017 (HCS) - Hoover schools Superintendent Kathy Murphy received an “above average” evaluation for the second year in a row tonight.

Murphy, who came to Hoover in June 2015, received an overall 4.4 out of 5 score from Hoover school board members in an evaluation that was shared publicly at tonight’s Hoover school board meeting.

A score of 3 meets expectations, while a 4 is considered above average and consistently demonstrating high levels of performance, and a 5 represents excellence.

While the school board’s average score for her was 4.4, she also received 4.2 ratings from both a group of 22 people who report to her and a group of 29 stakeholders in the community, said Tim Morgan, a retired superintendent from Sheffield City Schools who presented the evaluation on behalf of the Alabama Association of School Boards.

All the evaluation scores were compiled by AASB, so Murphy could not see how any specific individual graded her. Board members’ evaluations were shown separately, but the board members were numbered and not named.

“These are very good scores,” Morgan said. He does quite a few of these evaluations and “this is the best I’ve seen.”

Murphy’s highest scores from school board members among 10 categories were for professional development (4.7), financial management (4.6) and communication and interpersonal skills (4.6). Her lowest scores were for facilities management (4.2), educational leadership of the schools (4.3), personnel management (4.3), community relations (4.3) and management of pupil personnel services (4.3).

Her direct reports rated her in 30 areas. Her highest scores there were 4.6 for: actively seeking resources, financial and otherwise, for schools and the system; setting high standards for administrator, staff and student performance; and speaking and writing clearly, correctly and coherently.

Her lowest scores were 3.8 for promoting the use of technology in all aspects of schools and the system, and providing support to staff in utilizing technology.

Other stakeholders in the community rated Murphy in 14 areas. Her highest scores from stakeholders were 4.4 for taking a leadership role in improving education, serving as a liaison between schools and community agencies and seeking sufficient funding for the system.

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