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 Citizens examine zone maps
Citizens examine zone maps

The Hoover school rezoning proposal presented by Superintendent Kathy Murphy on Feb. 4 would send an estimated 2,516 students, or 18 percent of the kids in the district, to different school zones next year, Murphy said.

The superintendent presented the proposal to hundreds of parents in a citywide meeting at Metropolitan Church of God and would like to implement it in the 2016-17 school year, she said.

First, she wants to give parents time to provide feedback before taking a final proposal to the Hoover school board for a vote in a month and then to the federal court for approval, tentatively in April.

Here are some key aspects of the proposal:

  • School zone lines would change, attempting to zone students to schools closer to where they live and to better comply with a federal desegregation court order. Parents can find out what schools their children would attend by plugging their address into a school locator program at hooverrezoning.com. Maps showing proposed school zones lines also are available there, as well as more information presented to the public on Feb. 4.
  • South Shades Crest Elementary School would change from a K-4 school to a K-2 school, and Brock’s Gap Intermediate School, now with grades 5-6, would begin to serve students in grades 3-5 in the South Shades Crest Elementary School zone only.
  • Trace Crossings and Deer Valley elementary schools, now serving grades K-4, would return as K-5 schools.

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