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09-Dec-2015 (HCS) - As we approach mid-December, Hoover City Schools' Superintendent of Education Dr. Kathy Murphy released a video message updating everyone on the district's Student Assignment Plan/Rezoning.

After five community-wide meetings across October and November, Dr. Murphy said the district had received "valuable" feedback which has given the process "more focus."

"We realize change is difficult and wish to minimize the impact of rezoning on students, parents, and the community," Dr. Murphy said in the video.

Before a plan can be approved, Murphy said, several steps must be taken. For starters, a meeting with Department of Justice (DOJ) officials will take place in December. The DOJ is involved because Hoover City Schools inherited the desegregation court order that the Jefferson County Board of Education was under when HCS formed its own independent school district in 1987-1988. This court order stems back to the Stout vs. Jefferson County Board of Education lawsuit from June of 1965. Hoover City Schools is seeking "unitary status" - dismissal from this case.

"We will have a proposed Student Assignment Plan hopefully no later than February so we the district and the DOJ can advise the court of our agreement," Dr. Murphy said. "Soon thereafter we will share the proposed Student Assignment Plan with our community and consider any additional input."

Dr. Murphy said the plan will be revealed at a community-wide meeting no later than February.  This meeting will also include an invitation to the approximately 600 people who volunteered to be on the Superintendent's Advisory Committee.  The community will have opportunity to give comment at this meeting.  The meeting will also be streamed live on the web (URL to be announced).

The Hoover Board of Education will be asked to approve this plan no later than early March, Dr. Murphy said. The Student Assignment Plan will be presented to the court after the approval of the Hoover Board of Education.

"We realize this is an ambitious plan and I believe it is doable," Dr. Murphy said. "I want to again thank you for your input and for your patience. I look forward to the feedback of our students, parents, employees and our community as we present our Student Assignment Plan, again, no later than February."

See all of the HCS rezoning resources at this link on the Hoover City Schools website.

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