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09-20-2015 (HCS) - School board presidents from 14 school districts gathered Saturday morning to discuss education funding.  Hoover Board of Education President Derrick Murphy organized the rally to oppose efforts in the state Legislature to move $80 million from the Education Trust Fund to the state’s general fund.

“As everybody knows, we’re going through a very challenging period in Alabama dealing with education, and currently the Education Trust Fund has been utilized for the general fund,” Murphy said. “We’re at a critical point because we can’t go through that every single year.”

The goal of the rally, Murphy said, is to bring together the school systems of Central Alabama and work on a solution to the problem. The rally showed a unified front, Murphy said, and he hopes to work with the legislature in the future.

“We want to partner with our legislators and the governor to make some really good decisions,” Murphy said. “I’m glad we have AASB, the Alabama Association School Board, that has been an advocate for us, working along side by side with the legislators and the governor.”

Hoover Superintendent Kathy Murphy was also at the rally. She said moving funds from the Education Trust Fund is a cause for concern in regard to the financial success of Alabama’s school systems.

Richard Franklin, president of the Birmingham American Federation of Teachers, said he was glad to see so many school districts come together. While teachers unions have spoken out in Montgomery before, Franklin said bringing together school board presidents and superintendents helped strengthen the message.

“This time, what got me really excited, is when you bring Central Alabama and the school boards, superintendents and everybody together and we take a stance and hold hands, you can’t call anybody a special interest group,” Franklin said.

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