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12-Jan-15 (HCS) – One organization has ranked Hoover City Schools in the Top 5 as one of Alabama’s "Best School Districts."  The 2015 Niche Rankings, specifically the Best Public School Districts, has ranked Hoover City Schools the third best school district in Alabama. 

Hoover schools were ranked highly thanks to breadth and depth of course offerings, quality teachers, health and safety, diversity/culture, educational outcomes and more.

Niche ranks 8,738 school districts based on dozens of key statistics and 4.6 million opinions from 280,000 students and parents.  A high ranking indicates that the district contains great schools with exceptional teachers, sufficient resources and a diverse set of high-achieving students who rate their experiences very highly.

The Best Public School Districts ranking provides a comprehensive assessment of the overall experience at public school districts in the United States and Puerto Rico. It uses data sourced from various government and public data sets, Niche’s own proprietary data, and 4,624,238 opinion-based survey responses across a variety of topics from 287,606 current students, recent alumni, and parents.

A high ranking in Overall Experience generally indicates that:

· Students are very happy with their experience in all aspects including academics, teachers, health, safety, resources, facilities, extracurriculars, sports and fitness;

· District schools are exceptional academic institutions in terms of teachers, students, resources for learning and student outcomes;

· District schools are made up of a diverse population and fosters an accepting, positive school culture;

· Students are actively involved in a variety of extracurriculars and sports the district offers.

Districts Assessed by This Ranking

At the time of calculation, Niche's database contained records for 13,402 school districts. For the purposes of this ranking, a school district is considered to be a district that has at least 100 students enrolled. School districts were not included in the ranking process if they did not meet these minimum requirements. The final ranking results in 9,299 school districts receiving a grade, with 8,738 of those also receiving a numerical ranking.

See the full rankings here.


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