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06-10-2014 (HCS) - Official notices regarding students with disabilities and destruction of records are posted each year by Hoover City Schools.  The text for both processes is below and also located on this page in PDF format.

Child Find:
Help Hoover City Schools locate, identify, and evaluate Hoover residents from birth to age 21 who have disabilities or who are suspected of having disabilities. Contact the Department of Instructional Support Services for Hoover City Schools at (205) 439-1051.

Destroy Records Notice:
According to the Alabama Administrative Code r.290-080-090-.10(2)(g), an education agency must retain a copy of education records for five (5) years after a student with disabilities graduates with a diploma, reaches age 21, or exits high school. At the end of the five (5) year retention period, the education agency shall provide written notice to parents to inform them that the special education records are no longer needed and will be destroyed. This serves as notice that special education records for students who graduated with a diploma, reached age 21, or exited high school on or before May, 2009, will be destroyed after July 31, 2014 unless the parents pick up the records or notify the Director of Instructional Support Services at the following address prior to that date to arrange a time to receive the records:

Barbara D. Mayer, Ed.D.
Director of Instructional Support Services
Hoover City Schools
2810 Metropolitan Way
Hoover, AL 35243
(205) 439-1051

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