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10-25-2012 (HHS) - Bricking has begun on what will be two new additions to the Hoover High School campus, the first such additions to the school since its opening in the 1994-95 school year.  A three-story addition and a multi-purpose unit will be added to the school, bringing total square footage of the facility to more than 400,000 square feet.

The addition came about due to steady growth in the Hoover High School zone. For 2011-2012, the HCS Realignment Plan was implemented, which utilized existing capacity at schools in the HHS zone.  Part of that process involved turning the former Hoover High School Freshmen Center into R.F. Bumpus Middle School.  Doing so meant the return of hundreds of 9th graders to the Hoover High School main campus.

HHS Principal Mr. Don Hulin fills us in on the project's progress:

Q: What is latest on this project and how far along is it?
A: Project is on track for proposed completion. Turnover to us in February 2013.

Q: What all is part of this addition? What will be housed in the new areas?
A: 32 room addition to current building, multi-purpose facility, and outdoor awning. Basic classrooms, science labs, engineering academy in building. PE classes with dressing rooms in multi-purpose.

Q: Many have commented on what appears to be great attention to detail with the construction. Your thoughts?
A: The aesthetic look is amazing. Attention to detail to make construction look like it has always been part of the building. Also, not cheap looking.

Q: How will this project aid the overall day-to-day operations and learning environment at Hoover High School?
A: The addition will allow for teacher classroom availability. This has been our concern since moving the freshman back to our campus. This will reduce the number of floating teachers and provide addition workspace. It will also allow for specialized curriculum areas such as engineering to expand. PE classes and dressing rooms in multi-purpose will alleviate overcrowding in current structure. Student movement through halls will be less congested.

Q: Do students and teachers seem to be energized by the project? How so?
A: Both are very excited about the additions. They are excited about the opportunity for additional space and for just having a “new” look for the building.

Q: When is the projected opening date? Any special plans/fanfare in the works to usher in the new space?
A: February target for opening. We will have a grand opening ceremony

See more photos of the Hoover High School expansion.

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