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10-01-2012 (SSC) - Hoover native Kristen Green considers herself and her family “reptile enthusiasts”.  They have two Russian tortoises, a corn snake and a leopard lizard.  Amongst those reptiles, however, is one cat, “Baby Kitty”.  Her husband Brian, children Anna and Zack love visiting Orange Beach where the family often goes saltwater fishing.  Between pet tending and fishing, Mrs. Green can be found in her 1st grade classroom – performing her ultimate hobby, teaching.

Q: What subject areas/grades do you teach?

A: I teach first grade. Being the oldest of 15 grandchildren, almost all of us growing up in the Hoover area, I suppose I have always considered myself a teacher. In fact, my youngest cousin was a student at SSC while I was teaching.

Q: How has your teaching evolved over the years?

A: It would probably be easier to tell what hasn't changed in my teaching as standards and technology has evolved. I'm not sure I have ever taught the same things in the same way, ever. That may have to do more with the fact that I really enjoy allowing my students to decide what they are passionate about learning and then finding ways to make their choices fit the curriculum standards, state/federal guidelines. It's really not hard to do, since young children are typically passionate about learning everything!

Q: What advice would you give teachers-in-training?

A: Children will provide you a window to their soul. Their purity, honesty and innocence are humbling. You can see their vision every day if you just pay attention. 

Q: What’s the most unusual thing a student has ever asked you/told you/done in class?

A: The most unusual thing a student has told me comes from that honesty I mentioned above.  I quote, "Now that you are sitting down, I can see that your hair is silver on the top and black at the bottom." 

Q: How does this school year compare to others thus far?

A: This school year is different from the last because every year I feel myself growing older. Thank goodness I spend my day with six year olds...it keeps me young at heart.

Q: What is the best part of your day?

A: My favorite part of my teaching day is watching the faces of children sharing the love of a songbook, their eyes closed and singing their hearts out.  It is a beautiful thing! The favorite part of my day at home is when all the cooking, cleaning and homework are finished and I get to snuggle up on the couch with my kids to watch Little House on the Prairie.

Jason Gaston/Office of Public Relations

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