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Bill Veitch: 10 years of service to HCS Board of Education back button

05-22-2012 (HCS) - Mr. William G. Veitch (Bill) served on his final Board of Education meeting May 22.  He has served on the Hoover Board of Education since June of 2002.  During his two terms, Veitch has seen lots of dynamic growth and change for the Hoover system.  Here are some observations spanning his decade of service.

Q: What’s been your biggest “takeaway” from serving in the HCS Board of Education capacity?
A:  Knowing that the school system that I have entrusted my children to is alive and well, and that the people involved truly care about the students.

Q: Two terms. You’ve certainly put in your years of service. Why was it important to you to seek a second term on the Board?
A: I felt like it was the right thing to do at the time.

Q: A school system is a complex entity. What were some surprising things you learned as you got deeper into Board service?
A: How complicated the education process is, how dedicated the teachers are, how ridiculous state and federal mandates hinder the education of our children, how few politicians bother to consult with educators before passing school-related laws and how difficult it would be to make the day to day decisions our superintendent has to make.

Q: What does the Bill Veitch of today wish he could tell the Bill Veitch about to sit down to his first Board meeting in 2002?

Q: What advice would you give your successor, Stephen Presley, as he prepares to take a seat on the Board?
A: I cannot imagine why my advice would be needed.

Q: How does the system today compare to when you took your seat on the Board?
A: The system adapts to change, is more flexible, and is more CHILD/PARENT friendly.  Everyone seems to be pulling together.

Q: Where do you see Hoover City Schools going in the years to come?
A: Both Hoover and Spain park will win CHAMPIONSHIPS in SPORTS AND ACADEMICS and EVERYTHING ELSE, and our ADMINISTRATION and FACULTIES will get the recognition and INCOME they deserve.

Q: What’s next for Bill Veitch?
A: Hopefully, LORD WILLING, I will learn to LISTEN MORE -and talk less.

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