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Superintendent's Advisory Council Forms, Future Meeting Dates Announced

 Metro Church Meeting
Metro Church Meeting
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28-June-16 (HCS) – More than 100 interested parents, community members and employees turned out for the inaugural meeting of the Hoover City Schools Superintendent’s Advisory Council, led by Superintendent Dr. Kathy L. Murphy.

The one-hour meeting outlined the Strategic Planning Process for the school system, listing various functional areas of the district including Finance and Budget, Student Growth and Achievement, Personnel, Technology, Parent/Community Engagement and Unitary Status.  

Focus areas for the respective areas of operation are as follows:


·         Belief Statements

·         Vision Statement

·         Mission Statement

·         Motto

·         Development of Strategic Planning Template

·         Liaison for all Advisory Council Subcommittees

·         Conduct annual review of overall Strategic Plan


·         Ensuring student safety

·         Promoting rigor and relevance in Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment

·         Challenging ALL students to achieve academic success

·         Engaging diverse student populations

·         Developing innovative practices to facilitate student learning

·         Supporting our Student Services Dept. (enrollment, residency, truancy, etc.)

·         Creating positive environments for students

·         Promoting interscholastic/extracurricular activities


·         Recruiting, mentoring, and retaining

·         Providing relevant employee professional development

·         Creating positive environments for employees

·         Analyzing Salary Schedule

·         Analyzing Supplemental Schedule/Stipends


·         Capital Outlay Plan

·         Support Services (Operations/Maintenance, Transportation, CNP)

·         Salary Schedule

·         Supplemental Schedule/Stipends

·         Revenue sources (local, state, federal)

·         Tax and revenue advocacy


·         Engaging all stakeholders

·         Identifying and assessing engagement methods

·         Building parent and community support

·         Developing legislative advocacy groups


·         Instructionally-appropriate devices

·         Utilization of resources

·         Cost analysis (B.Y.O.D.)

·         Selection of non-instructional software programs

·         Virtual School(s)


·         Student Assignment (Rezoning Plan)

·         Faculty Assignment

·         Staff Assignment

·         Facilities/Resources

·         Transportation

·         Extracurricular Activities

Subcommittees of the Superintendent’s Advisory Council have been scheduled to meet on the following dates*:

Personnel/Finance and Budget: July 12
Strategic Planning/Student Achievement: July 19
Technology/Community Engagement/Unitary Status: July 25

*All meetings 6:00 p.m. Dates subject to change. Locations to be identified.

Any questions about the process (confirmation of dates, times, questions about signup, text message assistance) should be addressed to the HCS Office of Public Relations at 205-439-1054.  

Official Superintendent's Advisory Council Signup Form

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