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2014-15 Hoover City Schools JSU Teacher Hall of Fame Nominees

 Amy Willis
Rocky Ridge Elementary

 Alice Davidson
R.F. Bumpus Middle

 Pamela Harman
Spain Park High

16-Dec-2014 (HCS) - In conjunction with school-level Teachers of the Year, Hoover City Schools also selects nominees for the Jacksonville State University Teacher Hall of Fame.  District nominees for this year include Mrs. Amy Willis, a 3rd Grade teacher at Rocky Ridge Elementary School; Mrs. Alice Davidson, a 7th Grade English teacher at R.F. Bumpus Middle School; and Mrs. Pamela Harman, an Earth Science teacher at Spain Park High School.  These three were honored with the titles of HCS JSU District Nominees in surprise ceremonies on Wednesday, December 17.

In 1969, Jacksonville State University initiated the Teacher Hall of Fame, which honors and recognizes classroom teachers in Alabama public schools.

Specific criteria are used to select nominees. Nominee must be currently teaching subject matter to students at least 50% of each school day. Degrees held, length of teaching experience and current teaching assignments are also taken into consideration. No preference is given to nominees who may have attended Jacksonville State University. They must maintain exemplary standards of behavior and ethics, exhibit leadership, be enthusiastic about teaching, demonstrate competency in subject matter, work well with colleagues and administrators, and constantly seek to encourage, inspire and motivate students toward greater accomplishment.

Hoover City Schools has had several educators inducted into the JSU Teacher Hall of Fame.  See the list here.


Nancy McGowan
Bluff Park Elementary


"I currently live by three codes: 1) The cure for boredom is curiosity; there is no
cure for curiosity. 2) DFTBA! Don't Forget To Be Awesome! 3) No FOMO Fear of
Missing Out." 

Betty Wilson
Deer Valley Elementary
  "My teaching style is child-centered, knowing that children learn best by doing."
Lora Lacy
Green Valley Elementary
5th Grade
  "Without a sense of community, an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect,
it is difficult to help students reach their full potential."
Wayne Roberson
Greystone Elementary
5th Grade

  "To work as many as hours a day as it takes, in order to be prepared.
To understand that all children are different and learn differently, and most of all,
to have a burning passion to do what it takes to make a child,
a classroom and a school a little better because you are there."
Stacey Osborne
Gwin Elementary
5th Grade
  "Personal victories, regardless of their magnitude, are worth celebrating
and necessary for students to feel accomplished."
Angela Rogers
Riverchase Elementary
2nd Grade
  "I feel it is imperative to build a safe, loving, structured and familiar learning 
environment so that young students can focus upon instruction more readily."
Amy Willis
Rocky Ridge Elementary
3rd Grade


  "By providing students with clear expectations, goals and differentiated
instruction I am able to guide them on their own personal journeys in the
educational process."
Perry Wright
Shades Mtn. Elementary


  "From the very first day of school, I am already processing all that each child
needs to achieve before the last day of school."
Haley Jett
South Shades Crest Elementary
1st Grade
  "For me, there is nothing more exciting than sitting back and watching the life 
of a child change while they are in your presence."
Angela Robuck
Trace Crossings Elementary
  "As a music teacher, I strive to provide my students with musical experiences
that are both positive and meaningful.  My goal is to teach them to see, think 
and hear as musicians."
Kimberly McDaniel
Berry Middle School
8th Grade Science
  "A teacher's goal is not only to educate, but also to eliminate fear
and encourage children to reach for their goals and aim for the stars."
Julie Kaylor
Brock's Gap Intermediate
5th Grade
  "I give my students many opportunities to work together, and they are
consistently praised and rewarded for respectful conversations where
great thinking is shared."

Alice Davidson
R.F. Bumpus Middle
7th Grade English

  "I have found the more I care, the more my students care, 
and that is when there is a relationship that fosters learning."
Reed Lochamy
Simmons Middle
7th Grade English
  "I want my students to regret having to stay home from school, wondering
what they might have missed in my class."
Danelle Cash
Hoover High School
  "I am challenged by my many shades of brilliant students who come with
their own identities, difficulties and joys."
Pamela Harman
Spain Park High School
Earth Science


  "We are not a class of students.  We are a community of learners where
each person has something valuable to contribute."



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