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Investigative Report from Dr. Craig Pouncey, ALSDE Chief of Staff

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11-March-2014 (HCS) - As President of the Hoover City Board of Education, I requested the State Department of Education to conduct an independent investigation regarding persistent, often anonymous complaints about the work environment at the Central Office.

Prior to contacting the State Department of Education, we could not find any credible basis for the complaints. Yet the complaints continued to circulate in a manner seemingly designed to erode public confidence in the operation of the Central Office.

As President of the Board, I asked Dr. Craig Pouncey, Chief of Staff for the Alabama Department of Education, to advise the Board if he found substance to the complaints so corrective action could be taken, or let us and the public know that the complaints were without merit.

In his report dated March 04, 2014 (see PDF on this page) addressed to Board attorney, Donald B. Sweeney, Jr., Dr. Pouncey found no basis for the complaints. To the contrary, Dr. Pouncey determined after an extensive investigation as follows:

  • The accusations of employees wanting to walk off their jobs in mass are unfounded.
  • In the face of inadequate financial support from the State, Superintendent Andy Craig and CFO Cathy Antee have a commendable ten year vision for the District and a strategic planning process.
  • Disgruntled employees with job performance issues are spreading negativism over the social media platform to the overall detriment of the system.

As President of the Board, I am particularly pleased to read Dr. Pouncey’s conclusion:

  • In closing, our interviews supported overwhelmingly that the vast majority of the employees feel like they are treated with respect, and they can express their opinions even if they differ from their supervisor.

As Board President, I am heartened and encouraged by Dr. Pouncey’s report. We are grateful for the time and effort Dr. Pouncey and his staff expended to clarify issues that were disserving our school district.


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