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Trio of Triplets in Spain Park High School's Class of 2013

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20-May-2013 (SPHS) – The SPHS Class of 2013 provides something that perhaps no other senior class in the country can provide this May: three sets of triplets.

Who knows the odds of this happening in one city, at one school, in one graduating class. But for whatever reason – it’s happened at Spain Park High School – and it’s caused quite a buzz.

All three sets are fraternal, not identical. That being the case, many at the school haven’t even realized over the years that three sets of triplets existed - as triplets. Amazingly, all have trekked through Hoover City Schools K-12 (two sets beginning at Greystone Elementary; one at Riverchase Elementary).

"We've all been here (in the same school) since sixth grade - and have come all the way up through high school together," Carlton Ivy said.

Amanda, Carlton and Danielle Ivy; Paige, Connor and Catherine Burleson; and Sam, Hannah and A.J. Hudson comprise the trio of triplets. A tight bond not only exists within the individual triplet sets; but among the three sets collectively. Some of their families travel together. One of the Burlesons is dating a Hudson. You get the picture.

"It brings us closer.  It's the basis of our friendship but there's also so much more than that.  We are all really, really good friends.  Not just because we're triplets - but because we get along so well together," Paige Burleson said.

The fraternal nature of their birth differs appearances just enough to throw people off.  This May, however, it was impossible not to know these guys and gals are triplets. Multiple media members showed up at Spain Park High School May 21 to profile the oddity – with cameras and light kits in tow. Photo opps were staged all around the front of the school, the media center and the courtyard.

Triplets stick together – as evidenced by their colleges and universities of choice. Four colleges/universities are represented among the nine: University of Alabama; Auburn University; Birmingham Southern College; and the University of Alabama at Birmingham. In fact, one triplet trio – the Ivys – all will be attending UA.

"There's always something in common between us and we've grown a lot closer this senior year.  It's sad to see everyone go, but being triplets has really brought us closer," Hannah Hudson said.

Amanda, Carlton, Danielle, Paige, Connor, Catherine, Sam, Hannah and A.J. will all be walking the stage Wednesday night, May 22, at Samford University’s Pete Hanna Arena. See more photos here.

Jason Gaston/HCS Public Relations

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