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May 8: National School Nurse Day

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05-08-2013 (HCS) - Hoover City Schools joins the National Association of School Nurses (NASN) in celebrating Wednesday, May 8, 2013 as National School Nurse Day!

This time provides all an opportunity to consider the incredible task of the 74,000 nurses nationwide who make daily differences in lives of school children.

This year’s theme, Advocacy, Access, Achievement: Leading the Way, captures school nurses’ significant role in improving students’ health and academic outcomes.  School nurses lead the way by ensuring a healthier and more sustainable future for America’s children.

NASN celebrates all school nurses for positively influencing the health and well-being of students nationally and globally through the many roles fulfilled.  Indeed, school nurses care for students and communities, serving a critical role in promoting students’ academic success for more than 110 years.

All public schools in Hoover feature school nurses.  District Nurse Mrs. Charlene Young engaged in a Q&A to share with nuances of the pivotal roles played by nurses each and every day in Hoover City Schools.

Q: What is the significance of National School Nurses Day?

National School Nurse Day recognition began in 1972. It was established by the National Association of School Nurses to foster a better understanding of the role of the school nurse in the educational setting.

Q: How do you personally recognize the HCS nurses on this day?

Each school recognizes its nurse in its own way. The students are usually the ones that provide the recognition which means the most to the nurses. The recognition comes in all types: banners, letters and spotlights on the schools’ broadcasting program.

Q: For those who may not know, briefly describe what school nurses do day-in and day-out?

Nurses engage in a number of activities every day. Certainly we assist with the common “boo boo’s”- but there is much more to the daily activity.  Managing the chronic conditions such as asthma, seizures & diabetes are very much a part of each day. Providing specialized services for students’ chronic conditions is a large part of the nurse’s day. Monitoring and notifying parents about immunization requirements/expiration dates is ongoing.  The nurses assist families with identifying local resources to address their child’s health issues. Even though it isn’t a daily activity the nurses must be prepared for the management of emergencies for students and adults until emergency responders arrive.  Some of our students just need a little TLC to help them make it through the day.  We can’t forget about the adults on our campuses. They, too, make visits to the Health Room for assistance from the nurse.

Q: Our HCS nurses are highly qualified. Tell us a little bit about what it takes to work in one of our schools in this capacity.

The combination of knowledge and skills to meet the students need as well as the “heart” to work with children.

Q: How has school nursing changed over the years with new technology and the advances in health care?

Technology has allowed the nurses to track information more efficiently for parents and health care providers which assist in the student’s health management. We are seeing more children with chronic health issues in our schools. The nurses work diligently to obtain all of the required documents to provide the quality care for the students to assure academic achievement.

Q: We are fortunate to have nurses in each of our schools. How does a school nurse add to the quality of a school community?

Through health promotion, disease prevention and disease management, our nurses improve attendance and success in the classroom.

Q: In three words, describe “the school nurse.”

Caring, compassionate, dedicated






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