2015-2016 Realignment Summary
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12-Aug-2014 (HCS) - Components of the 2015-2016 Realignment Summary are enumerated below.  Zoning maps are included in the PDF on the right-hand side of this webpage. Be sure to use the zoom feature and legends on these PDFs for full clarity. This draft proposal remains in-process. Send us your feedback at rezoning@hoover.k12.al.us 

Reassign students in Lake Cyrus area (Attachment 1) from Deer Valley Elementary School (DVES) to South Shades Crest Elementary School (SSCES).

2. Reassign students in area along South Shades Crest Road (Attachment 2) from SSCES to Trace Crossings Elementary School (TCES).

3. Reassign students in the Woodlands and Grand Oaks areas (Attachment 3) from SSCES to TCES.

4. Reassign Ridge Crossings multi-dwelling units (Attachment 4) from DVES to TCES.

5. Reassign Riverchase Landing multi-dwelling units (Attachment 5 - Bottom) from TCES to DVES.

6. Reassign students in Lake Crest area (Attachment 6) from Gwin Elementary School (GWES)/Simmons Middle School (SMS) feeder path to TCES/Brock’s Gap Intermediate School (BGIS)/Robert F. Bumpus Middle School (RFBMS) feeder path.

7. Reassign Carisbrooke area (Attachment 7) from Bluff Park Elementary School (BPES) to GWES.

8. Reassign Riverchase Parkway area multi-dwelling units (Riverchase Gardens, Royal Oaks, The Gables Condominiums, Summerchase of Riverchase, Colonial Grand at Riverchase Trails, Sterling Oaks of Riverchase) between Highway 31 and Interstate 65 (Attachment 8) from Riverchase Elementary School (RCES) to Greystone Elementary School (GSES).

9. Reassign Wood Gardens and Wildwood multi-dwelling units (Attachment 5 - Top) from Rocky Ridge Elementary School (RRES) to RCES.