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Hoover City Schools’ Preschool Program is an inclusive program for 3-5 year olds with disabilities and age-appropriate peers who reside in Hoover.  This program is located at Trace Crossings Elementary School and offers a learning environment that is child-centered and based on the philosophy of Developmentally Appropriate Practice. 

Activities and instruction involve learning through play, hands-on experiences and what comes naturally to children.  The learning environment is age-appropriate and individualized with daily lessons and activities based on curriculum from the Alabama Courses of Study and Developmental Standards for Preschool Children with Disabilities.  Lessons and activities are adapted based on the individual needs of the students.  The learning environment facilitates development of skills in socialization and play, behavior, listening and speaking, literacy, pre-writing, safety, manners, self-help (independence, eating and drinking, dressing, toileting and personal hygiene), problem-solving, gross and fine motor and following rules, routines and directives.  

School Leadership & Preschool Related Services Staff:

TCES Principal Carol Barber
Asst. Principal Amanda Stone
Preschool Facilitator Rebecca Crow
Speech Language Pathologist Rebecca Crow
Speech Language Pathologist Ashley Foreman
Speech Language Pathologist    Amanda Johnigan
Occupational Therapist Julie Smith
Physical Therapist Contracted

The Preschool Referral Process:

Children between the ages of three (3) and five (5) with a disability or a suspected disability because the child may be experiencing difficulty achieving developmental milestones consistent with other children their age have a right to a developmental evaluation through Hoover City Schools.  The Preschool Program is available to children who reside in Hoover or who are the children of Hoover City Schools’ employees determined eligible for specialized services.

Hoover residents or Hoover City Schools employees should take the following steps to initiate a referral:

1.      Contact the elementary school for which your child is zoned.  For a listing of schools, click here.

2.      Residency must be established with your child's school first.  A recorded deed or active lease, plus a current utility bill, verifying residency in the city of Hoover must be provided to the school.

3.      A meeting will be scheduled to start the referral process that includes initial paperwork, evaluation of the child, eligibility determination, and development of the Individual Education Program (if the child is eligible).

4.      A Notice of Proposed Meeting will be mailed to document the date, time and purpose of the referral meeting.  This notice will need to be signed and returned to your child's school by the date indicated on the letter. Please return this correspondence to the individual designated on the letter.                                                           

5.      Please bring the following to the referral meeting:
             - Child’s original birth certificate                                                                   
             - Child’s original social security card                                        
             - Parent’s Driver’s License
             - Original Blue Immunization Card from child’s doctor that will be kept in child’s file
             - Any hearing and vision testing that has been completed within the past 12 months
             - Any developmental evaluations that have been completed within the past 12 months                                         
             [The above info will be copied/returned with the exception of the Blue Immunization Form which will be kept in the child’s file.]

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