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Forms & Documents for HCS Payroll/Benefits

Folder HCS Open Enrollment Information (1 Files)
Download 2017 HCS Benefits Enrollment Guide
Folder Direct Deposit (1 Files)
Download Direct Deposit form.pdf
Folder Federal/State Tax Forms (2 Files)
Download 2017 Federal W4 Form
Download Ala. Dept of Revenue Tax Form A4
Folder Board Provided Dental (Employee Dental ID Card) (1 Files)
Download Guardian Dental ID Card (Coverage beings 10/1/2015)
Folder Name/Address Change (3 Files)
Download HCS Name-Address Change Form.pdf
Download Name and Address Change Instructions
Download Name and Address Change Notification PEEHIP & Retirement.pdf
Folder Health/Vision/Life Insurance (EmployeeVision ID Card) (7 Files)
Download Employee Assistance Plan Brochure
Download Guardian Group Insurance Plan Benefits
Download Guardian Vision Claim Form - Out of Network Coverage
Download Guardian Vison ID Card (coverage begins 10/1/2015)
Download Travel Assistance Brochure
Download Voluntary Critical Illness - Unum Summary
Download Voluntary Whole Life - Unum Summary
Folder Sick Bank/Sick Leave (5 Files)
Download Request to Transfer Sick Day Balances.pdf
Download Sick Bank catastrophic donation form.pdf
Download Sick Bank Catastrophic Leave Procedures.pdf
Download Sick Bank loan application.pdf
Download Sick Bank Participation and Withdrawal form.pdf
Folder RSA-1 (4 Files)
Download RSA-1 Beneficiary Form
Download RSA-1 Enrollment Form.pdf
Download RSA-1 Enrollment Information.pdf
Download RSA-1 Payroll Deduction Form.pdf
Folder Approved Annuity Companies (1 Files)
Download Annuity Companies 403b and RSA-1.pdf
Folder HCS Salary Schedule (1 Files)
Download 2016-2017 Salary Schedule
Folder Personal Leave (3 Files)
Download Personal Leave Days Option form.pdf
Download Personal Leave Days Schedule.pdf
Download Personal Leave Request Form - Days 3-5 Certified
Folder Retirement Benefits (4 Files)
Download Retirement Application Packet Part I
Download Retirement Beneficiary Change.pdf
Download Retirement Funds Withdrawal Form
Download Retirement and PEEHIP Address Change Notification.pdf
Folder Overtime/Compensatory Time (2 Files)
Download Compensatory Time pay or usage.pdf
Download Overtime request to work.pdf
Folder Flex Day Form (1 Files)
Download Flex Day Request Form
Folder Payroll New Hire Enrollment Process and Procedures (1 Files)
Download New Hire Payroll Process and Procedures
Folder Vacation Leave Procedures (1 Files)
Download Vacation Policy for 12 month Employees
Folder Retiree Notice of Post-Retirement Employment (1 Files)
Download Retiree Notice of Postretirement Employment Form
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